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Empowering Sustainability: Seaman Group Plastics and Resilient Freight Solutions Forge Women-Owned Collaboration in Driving Sustainable Supply Chain

Dallas, Texas — In celebration of Earth Month, April, Seaman Group and Resilient Freight Solutions, two certified Women-Owned businesses based in Dallas, Texas, have announced a strategic partnership that commenced in early Q4 2023. Together, they have successfully moved over 3.5 million pounds of recycled plastics, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

This collaboration highlights the power of women-owned businesses in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as recycled plastics and trucking. Seaman Group and Resilient Freight Solutions are reshaping the logistics landscape and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion by joining forces.

"Partnering with Resilient Freight Solutions is a thrilling endeavor," said Angela Seaman, Owner and operator at Seaman Group Plastics. “In joining forces, we embody the potential to significantly enhance environmental sustainability by facilitating the reutilization of recycled plastics right here in the United States, thereby fostering positive change and conservation efforts.”

Seaman Group's partnership with Resilient Freight Solutions is rooted in a shared commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Both companies spearhead innovative approaches to sustainable transportation and supply chain management by leveraging their collective expertise and resources.

"At Resilient Freight Solutions, we are excited to partner with Seaman Group to deliver sustainable logistics solutions that make a real difference," said Haydee Clark, Founder CEO of Resilient Freight Solutions. "This collaboration exemplifies the power of collaboration among women in traditionally male-dominated industries, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of driving positive change."

The partnership between Seaman Group and Resilient Freight Solutions, both certified by Women's Business Council Southwest, a Regional Partner Organization for WBENC, represents a significant milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable future. By harnessing the power of collaboration and diversity, both companies are paving the way for a more inclusive and environmentally conscious business landscape. 

For more information about Seaman Group and Resilient Freight Solutions, please visit and, respectively.

About Seaman Group:

Seaman Group Plastics provides procurement consulting services for manufacturers and distributors of plastic resins. We help those who want to reduce costs with a focus on the environment, whether on the front end through plastic polymer sourcing or the back end with recycling resin scrap. We are dedicated entirely to the plastic industry and discovering sustainable solutions for our customers. As an environmentally conscious organization, we aspire to help the planet by promoting wise sourcing and reusing discarded materials. Seaman Group Plastics has the industry knowledge, capital, facility resources, and state-of-the-art equipment supported by highly-trained professional sales and customer service teams.

About Resilient Freight Solutions:

Resilient Freight Solutions is an award-winning, certified Women/minority-owned business based in Dallas, Texas, specializing in logistics management and freight brokerage. The company is committed to igniting business operational efficiencies with a streamlined one-stop solution and a logistics service approach. Resilient Freight Solutions offers Fractional Logistics Management to alleviate its clients' time-consuming logistics tasks.




NPE Show 2024, Orlando FL - From Left to right: Angela Seaman and Haydee Clark
NPE Show 2024, Orlando FL - From Left to right: Angela Seaman and Haydee Clark
NPE Show 2024, Orlando FL - From Left to right: Angela Seaman and Haydee Clark
NPE Show 2024, Orlando FL - From Left to right: Angela Seaman and Haydee Clark


Haydee Clark | Founder & CEO | Resilient Freight Solutions | | 214-210-9976